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As a Graduate of "The Disciplined Trader Intensive Program", You Deserve THE FRUITS OF YOUR LABOR!

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Expert Content Providers For Your Training

Meet the Agents of Change

Tisha Hallett

Tisha Hallett Tisha Hallett is recognized as an innovator in the field of subconscious training. Over and above her 23 years of private practice, she has developed several breakthrough processes and tools to deliver effective subconscious training. In the 1980's, Hallett authored the "Fast Start"© Accelerated Learning Program" to improve student study habit, memory, and concentration skills. In 1999, she launched the first subconscious training tool, delivered over the World Wide Web, where members can take subconscious training right from their computers. She is co-developer of The Disciplined Trader Intensive Program. Other credentials include Former Member, Society of Suggestive Acceleration Learning and Teaching, Certified Neurolinguistic Professional (NLP), Former Instructor in for the Palo Alto School of Hypnotherapy, Member National Guild of Hypnotists.

Paul King

Paul King

Paul King is owner, head trader, trading coach, and financial consultant at PMKing Trading LLC.

Paul's background is in Information Systems, but he moved from technology to the business-side as a consultant to Wall Street companies.  His last real job (some time ago) was as a business analyst at a leading Electronic Communications network (ECN) in Times Square, Manhattan, NY.

Paul is passionate about trading and helping traders improve their performance through his international mentoring program.  Paul has trading clients all over the world including USA, Canada, South America, and Australia.  Paul has written a book about what he has learned developing PMKing Trading called "The Complete Guide to Building a Successful Trading Business".

As well as writing articles, mini-eBooks about trading and recently having an article published in Futures Magazine, Paul is very interested in personal finance and helping his clients (both globally and locally in Vermont) become wealthier (i.e. closer to financial freedom by reducing fixed expenses and increasing passive income).

When he's not trading or helping other people trade Paul has another full-time job as father to his 6 year old son, and partner to his wife Wendy.  Paul also enjoys poker (and yes, his son is a good Texas Hold'em Player already), wine and beer (but not the night before a trading day!), vegetarian cooking, chess, backgammon, and organic gardening.

Paul's philosophy on trading and life in general is summed up by the old Chinese proverb "Those who say a thing is impossible should not interrupt the people doing it."

Paul King

Stuart McPhee

Stuart McPhee is a private trader and author. He has written numerous articles and texts, most recently 'Trading in a Nutshell, 3rd Edition'. He also regularly speaks at trading events throughout South East Asia, having presented throughout Australia and in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Ho Chi Minh City, Mumbai, Dalian, Shenzhen and Bangkok.

Visit Stuart's 'Develop your Trading Plan' website for detailed information on how to develop a trading plan that is right for you and that you will implement with confidence.

Vaydm Graiffer

Vadym is the author of Techniques of Tape Reading (McGraw Hill 2003), How to Scalp Any Market (2005) and Master Profit Plan (2005). Vadym is a frequent featured speaker at International Trader's Expos and Financial Forum Conferences.

He is the founder and Lead Mentor of, a hands-on training company, working with a global community of individuals to achieve high levels of trading success.

Vad is a professional trader and an international private trading mentor responsible for turning around the trading careers of thousands of trader. He has also published articles and interviews in industry magazines, corporate product newsletters and trading forums.

To visit Vad's information for traders...

Dr. Joshua Geralds

Dr. Joshua Geralds is a successful investment specialist with over twenty years experience increasing the income of people world wide. He is an active forex trader and mentors new traders in his spare time. He keeps his thoughts
posted on latest on currency trading here...

Norman Hallett

Norman Hallett is the co-founder and CEO of Subconscious Training Corporation (STC), headquartered in Parkland, Florida. STC develops state-of-the-art mental training programs, including The Disciplined Trader Intensive Program. Over his career, Mr. Hallett has developed numerous successful startup companies, including the investment firm of Hallett Commodities, Inc., and the Introducing Broker operation, NCH Commodities, Inc. Mr. Hallett holds a BA in Mathematics from the University of Cincinnati. His fascination with the investment industry lead him to grow several firms in his 21 year career in the financial arena. His high-profile style resulted in him being a frequent guest of the Financial News Network and culminated in his popular radio talk show, "Risky Business", which had a strong 5 year run.


 Who This Site Is For

This Site was created to serve the graduates of The Disciplined Trader IntensiveProgram.

Here you will take your trading discipline to the next level and truly put yourself on the path to CONSISTENT trading success.

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